Two of Bruce Zalcer’s Latin Dance songs were selected for an independent film called “Baby” (2019), written and directed by Filmmaker Thais Drassinower.  Title track “Baby” and “Tu Miranda” helped to tell the award winning coming of age story of nineteen year old “Lia” and the day she realized what it meant to be truly on her own.

Bruce wrote the songs for the film.  He found it easy to work with Drassinower, noting her professionalism and his admiration for the way she remained persistently true to her vision for the film.  When he heard his music in the film for the first time, he remembers feeling overwhelmingly proud at how far he had come since restarting his music career.  He is also open to future film projects.

Film Synopsis: “An unnerving encounter with her estranged father at a night club while on a weekend back home in Lima is enough to remind Lia that there are unhealed wounds. Through a series of disturbing events that night, she will be forced to understand that the only person who can take care of her now is herself.”

Bruce comments on the film:  “There are young adults who want independence, but in reality we all need guidance.  This is a very original take on a story about a young woman who gets that independence too soon, and in such a sad way.  She wants so badly to belong, but the way she obtains that belonging is really very tragic.”


  • “Best International Short Film – Fiction Award” 22nd Ícaro Festival Internacional de Cine en Centroamérica. November, 2019
  • “Audience Award” NALIP Latino Media Fest. October, 2019
  • “Best Student Film” Revolution Me Film Festival. September, 2019
  • “Best Student Short” Hyperwave Film Awards. May, 2019
  • “Best Coming of Age Short” 13th Manhattan Film Festival. May, 2019
  • “Semifinalist” 45th Student Academy Awards. July, 2018
  • “Adrienne Shelly Award for Best Female Director” Columbia University Film Festival. May, 2018
  • “Jury Selects” Columbia University Film Festival. May, 2018
  • “James Bridges Production Grant Award ” Columbia University Film Festival. May, 2017


  • FICMARC Caribbean Sea International Film Festival January 24th, 2020 (Isla Margarita, Venezuela)​
  • 1st Athens Marathon Film Festival November 9th, 2019 (Athens, Greece)
  • 22nd ICARO Festival Internacional De Cine En Centroamérica November 8th, 2019 (Guatemala City, Guatemala)
  • 2nd Linz International Short Film Festival November 7th, 2019 (Linz, Austria)
  • 3rd INDIEFLICKS Monthly International Film Festival October 7th, 2019 (Manchester, UK)
  • NALIP Latino Media Fest October 3rd, 2019 (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
  • 3rd INDIEFLICKS Monthly International Film Festival October 2nd, 2019 (Liverpool, UK)
  • Revolution Me Film Festival September 29th,  2019 (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
  • Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival August 25th, 2019. (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
  • 13th Manhattan Film Festival May 4th, 2019. (NY, USA)
  • 2nd Swindon Independent Film Festival April 15th, 2019. (Swindon, UK)
  • 29th New Orleans Film Festival World Premiere. October, 2018. (New Orleans, USA)

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